When you begin to formulate your store layout plans try to imagine the completed project. Visualize what you wish to accomplish and how you want your store to look and then try to foresee and address all of the possible complications that may arise during the process. You’ll never be able to predict every small problem of course, but this type of mental preparation for your store layout plans will pay huge dividends as your project moves through the implementation phase.


As you commence your store layout plans you should consider the basic things like floor plan design and departmental location. Try to think like your store’s consumers might think. Where would your customers expect to find this category or that category? And which departmental adjacencies would make most sense to them. Then switch gears and put on your manager’s hat again. Which departments will work best where from a staffing perspective? What departments produce the highest traffic and where should you place those departments to facilitate the deepest penetration and widest dispersion of customer flow through your store.  (See PDQ in Discovery-Based Retail)

Here’s another good question but one that’s not as easy to answer. Which departments should be contracted or expanded to maximize the productivity of your sales floor? When you read Discovery-Based Retail you will learn about an Excel calculator that we have designed to aid in this decision making process. This degree of preparation and attention to detail will help you make your store layout plans the best they can be.

An important thing to remember: Regardless of the degree of your store layout plan preparation there will always be things that you won’t expect. Don’t let fear of the unknown keep you from forging on. Do your preparations to the best of your ability and then take the leap of faith. Get started!


In Discovery-Based Retail you will learn about store layout plans and many other related topics